Business Communication 

Strategic Overview 

 21st Century focuses on business development using strategic consulting and content marketing programs for manufacturers and service providers. Both Fortune 500 companies and mid-level manufacturers rely on the experience and expertise the principals of 21st Century provide. 

Our company’s core competence is a complete understanding of the business communication process and the communication gaps that exist between the industry manufacturers and their end users. Our expertise lies in helping companies drive product specifications, technical expertise and support, as solutions to their end users and customers.

Our strategy revolves around developing communication channels to help streamline and enhance market development through targeted specification and information distribution resulting in increased business.

We offer several strategic programs to strengthen business in collaboration with several strategic partners that provide integral programs for specific solutions.

Strategic Partners

  • ASG
  • Associated Spec Consultants
  • CSPECS Technology
  • Front-Man Marketing
  • 3DCADCO 
  • DBC Consulting

Strategic Partner Model

The Model defines the communication processes from manufacturing to the end user. From there, we provide specifically designed applications and tools to streamline the sales and marketing processes with the goal of introducing our product and landing your product on the job.

We collaborate with strategic partners to develop state of the art programs designed to refine your internal business development strategy and drive your products into the market. The customized strategic plans developed, offer the next generation of tools based upon several years of research into the market. 

Our Consultative Approach

The synchronized sales and marketing components of our programs result in a more, coordinated effort. We have a simple approach to business development:

Sales & Marketing dollars are investments into your company’s sales success.

Our focus is on enhancing the company’s strategic business goals to ultimately deliver measurable  results.  We judge our success through our clients' business success.

We identify areas of growth opportunity by determining your customer’s profile and understanding their needs. Through analyzing the competition we also identify your market advantages and refine your current strategies to maximize your success. Instead of implementing one-size fits all tactics, we take the time to learn about your company and business structure which leads to opportunities you may not have identified. 


To help our clients accomplish their goals, we use a 4 step work process which produces a working plan for execution into the market.

4 Steps

We start by listening to you and your team to gain a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish. We then tailor our recommendations to align with your goals. Next, we study the market, your competitors and your customers. We challenge your assumptions to look beyond what has “always worked.” 


Our diagnosis  produces the information we need to map-out a plan to meet your goals. In partnership with you, we formulate a singular, simple approach.  Most importantly, the path we propose must make sense for you.

Our goal in this phase is to ensure you focus your efforts in areas that will yield the most effective results positioning you above your competition.    


After collective approval of the strategic recommendation, the next step is to develop the content and parameters of customized programs that will work for you. 


Upon conceptual approval, we set the time frames and begin executing all elements to completion.


Core Strategic Model:  Target Audience Channels

We have identified Common denominators which are the criteria for effective solutions  to communicate to the market for our manufacturers.

  • New or Unique products or services
  • Hyper performance or differentiators from competition.
  • Expert Technical Solutions & Support

We have also identified the common problems relate to gathering product information. They include:

  • Navigating through research to find the right product for an application
  • Sifting through product data to be sure the specifications are correct and usable for an application
  • Gathering the data required.
  • Sharing and storing the data for use